Top coat Hard&Shine sparkle, 11ml

Top coat Hard&Shine sparkle, 11ml Reviews with

Add some sparkle to your classic manicure and transform the look of your favorite nail polishes from the Hard&Shine collection.

The top with shimmering pearl-like particles will ensure durability and a WOW effect!

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    The benefits of using a top coat cannot be overestimated. This new product from the Hard&Shine collection also sparkles with beautiful particles: 

    • Strengthening and hardening formula is dedicated to fragile, brittle and weakened nails. 

      • It hardens the nail plate

        • Provides a long-lasting, mirror effect with a unique, shining glow. 

          • Strengthens nails. 

            • Protects nail polish from chipping, wear, dullness and cracking. 

              • Ensures flawless manicure or pedicure with a WOW! effect for many days. 

                • Contains valuable active ingredients that strengthen weakened and brittle nails: titanium and wheat germ oil. 

                  • The best effects will be achieved in combination with nail polishes and base coats from the Hard&Shine series.

                  How to use:

                  Apply a thin layer on nails covered with your favorite Delia Cosmetics nail polish from Hard&shine line and enjoy long-lasting manicure or pedicure and a reinforced plate.

                  CAPACITY / WEIGHT
                  11 ml
                  FOR WHOM?
                  Dla kobiet pragnących wydłużyć trwałość manicure czy pedicure i utwardzić płytkę.
                  Zawiera tytan i olej z kiełków pszenicy Zabezpiecza lakier do paznokci.
                  36 miesięcy
                  HOW TO USE
                  Nałóż cienką warstwę na paznokcie pomalowane swoim ulubionym lakierem Delia Cosmetics i ciesz się długotrwałym i nienagannym połyskiem.
                  DELIA COSMETICS
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