No-wrinkle multi-booster concentrated...
No-wrinkle multi-booster concentrated...

No-wrinkle multi-booster concentrated cream 55+, 50 ml Reviews with

Face cream targeted at the specific problems of 65+ skin. It contains an effective combination of natural ingredients capable of dealing with problems of your demanding skin. 


  • increased skin tightness and elasticity
  • intense hydration and softness
  • reduction of minor wrinkles
  • radiance and even skin tone

The cream contains:

  • Collagen– fundamental and essential skin component responsible for its proper firmness and structure. It smooths minor wrinkles and increases skin elasticity
  • Colloidal gold – very well absorbs to the skin providing a number of benefits for its Condition. It fights wrinkles and shows skin-soothing properties
  • DuraQuench IQ SA – intelligent moisturizer which precisely targets most dehydrated skin areas
  • Vitamin E – improves skin elasticity and protects skin cells against free radicals which speed up skin ageing

Your skin matters! Regular usage is the key to success. Ageing skin regenerates much slower and many natural processes are hindered, which diminishes natural skin tightness and elasticity. Gold & Collagen 55+ cream has been created with a view to mimic these processes and give your skin substantial benefits. In addition it intensely moisturizes, improves skin tone and smooths minor wrinkles.

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