Anti-wrinkle face mask, 8 ml

Anti-wrinkle face mask, 8 ml Reviews with

Tight skin, no visible wrinkles!

Vegan formula peel-off face mask for single use. 

Face masks are the perfect addition to your home skincare routine, and with our new collection, you can choose the perfect variant for your complexion.

Anti-wrinkle peel-off mask is intended for all skin types (also mature). The content of ingredients such as retinol, vitamin E, pullulan and linseed oil guarantees you;

  • Reducing the visibility of wrinkles,

  • Rejuvenating effect,

  • Noticeably higher level of hydration,

  • Smoothing,

Benefits for you:

Moisturized, refreshed and taut skin without visible wrinkles and/or pores!

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